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Electribe sampler 2, whats different?
ES2 & E2 - what's different? ANSWERS HERE!
Also an original example beat "Noisy Neighborhood", and sampling demo.
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Electribe2 pattern editor (ableton)
Electribe2 Pattern Editor version 026 

The Electribe2 Pattern Editor can be used to bring patches (parts) and sequences of various Electribe2 patterns together in new patterns. Editing of sequences is also possible. You can use your Electribe2 now for turning the dials. A Launchpad (original, S or mini) can be used to edit the sequence.

Version 026: 
- MIDI support for Electribe2 dials
- MIDI support for Novation Launchpad for the sequencer
- View selector: Parameters, Sequence or Wide
- Open- and Save Dialogs
- Layout changes
- Bugfixes

Version 018: 
- Number display for Gate Time and Velocity edit

Version 016: 
- Added a Windows stand alone version for MAX 6 (runtime)

Version 015: 
- Added editor for sequences
- Added grid for 8 drum parts

Version 012: 
- Added editing of the Part Parameters.

Version 011: 
- Added editing of the Global Parameters.

Version 010: 
- First release. Loading and saving of .E2PAT files works, loading and saving of parts and sequences is also possible. This is the minimum functionality to let this editor work as a librarian.

Next step:
-	MIDI IO to Electribe2

The working is simple. First you have to drop an E2Pat file (exported from the electribe2). You can select a current part by clicking on it's name. Then it is possible to save the current part or the current sequence or a combination of them to disc. This way you can create a library of patches (parts) and sequences.

To create a new pattern you have to load an .E2PAT file as a starter. Then you can Select parts and drop parts and sequences from you library. Then you save the new .E2PAT fale and import is into you Electribe2.

Of course the Electribe2 Pattern Editor is freeware. All sources are included.

Please feel free to comment on this and make suggestions for improvement.

Electribe forum:

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Electribe2 issues
So last night I unboxed my EMX2 and had a good old play around with it.
It is definitely a very cool machine to work with however, I did run into a few issues that make the Korg a little annoying to work with. So I've made this video to show you those issues.

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Korg electribe sx using dither as distortion
The native distortion effect lacks highfrequency content imho. 
I accidentally discovered how to add high distortion frequencies: by maximizing the added dithering: normalize a sample played at low volume.
Doing so with the eq-effect will give you still a bit of high- low-band control using the fx knobs.

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warning: Experimental (European) English is used in the video :)

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Electrofood ch - digital pray (live)
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