Korg Electribe Electribrary

Electribespad ea1 and er1
Electribe Pad is a kind of notebook for Electribes EA1 and ER1. Midi you can edit on your PC, change the values ​​of the controllers, save and load button values. 
use various preset settings buttons, and play ElecTribe from your computer keyboard ! Electribe pad acts like a notepad for the Korg Electribe EA-1 and ER-1. With MIDI, you can edit em remotely, track knob exchange, save / load settings knobs, knobs random settings and play 'em with the computer keyboard.

- unzip "electribepad.zip" file 
- copy all the files in a directory and run "electribes.exe" 
- configure your MIDI input and output you have connected to your Electribes!

- unzip "electribepad.zip"
- copy all the files into one directory and run electribes.exe 
- setup your MIDI input and output connected to the Electribes

To Contact the creator of this Software norsez@yahoo.com

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Electribe meets tx16wx software sampler
This tutorial shows how to link a hardware sampler to a software sampler. I'm familiar with DAW's, but I've always worked with hybrid hardware/software setups. However, usually swapping information becomes cumbersome in hybrid setups, except in this particular setup. This setup is awesome imho, because it solves that problem by connecting both midi- and audio in/outputs with eachother. That causes the workflow to be very simple and fast. Samplers are easy opensource environments for audio, the power of re-sampling is something which can be easily forgotten in this software-era.

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Two lone swordsman
ES-1 pack converted to ESX-file by jeff

esxfile es1 electribe pack 

This is the file that comes preloaded when you buy a Korg ES-1. It was converted the format from .es1 to .esx so some of the data may not sound exactly like it does on the ES-1.

esxfile es1 electribe pack