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Electribe2 pattern editor (ableton)
Electribe2 Pattern Editor version 026 

The Electribe2 Pattern Editor can be used to bring patches (parts) and sequences of various Electribe2 patterns together in new patterns. Editing of sequences is also possible. You can use your Electribe2 now for turning the dials. A Launchpad (original, S or mini) can be used to edit the sequence.

Version 026: 
- MIDI support for Electribe2 dials
- MIDI support for Novation Launchpad for the sequencer
- View selector: Parameters, Sequence or Wide
- Open- and Save Dialogs
- Layout changes
- Bugfixes

Version 018: 
- Number display for Gate Time and Velocity edit

Version 016: 
- Added a Windows stand alone version for MAX 6 (runtime)

Version 015: 
- Added editor for sequences
- Added grid for 8 drum parts

Version 012: 
- Added editing of the Part Parameters.

Version 011: 
- Added editing of the Global Parameters.

Version 010: 
- First release. Loading and saving of .E2PAT files works, loading and saving of parts and sequences is also possible. This is the minimum functionality to let this editor work as a librarian.

Next step:
-	MIDI IO to Electribe2

The working is simple. First you have to drop an E2Pat file (exported from the electribe2). You can select a current part by clicking on it's name. Then it is possible to save the current part or the current sequence or a combination of them to disc. This way you can create a library of patches (parts) and sequences.

To create a new pattern you have to load an .E2PAT file as a starter. Then you can Select parts and drop parts and sequences from you library. Then you save the new .E2PAT fale and import is into you Electribe2.

Of course the Electribe2 Pattern Editor is freeware. All sources are included.

Please feel free to comment on this and make suggestions for improvement.

Electribe forum:

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Electribome (es|m|x to monome)
Just another fun little monome emulator type thing. I was getting curious about how much better a monome 128 would be. Using the MIDI keyboard on the Korg Electribe you can get 16 columns horizontally, and 9 rows vertically using the drum parts (ESX) or 5 rows from the keyboard parts (EMX).

Instructions (Korg ESX)

Select Keyboard Part 1 and make sure the octave setting is on the lowest setting:
Select the MIDI device that the Electribe is connected to.
Set the row by choosing a drum part. Remember that afterwards you will have to reselect Keyboard Part 1.
Instructions (Korg EMX)

Press one of the keyboard parts (1-5) to select a row.
Make sure it’s on the lowest octave setting (see above)
Note: You don’t need anything else running (monomeserial etc). It also makes sense not to have the volume on!

contact author @ http://ewanhemingway.co.uk/blog/electribome/

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Esx/emx vst plugin
VST plugin (linux/windows 32/64bit) to control/sequence your Electribe ESX/EMX using a DAW.

DISCLAIMER: the EMX-scripts are not finished/available yet, since I dont own one. However, looking at the manual, anyone with a text-editor could modify the ESX scripts to get it working. (please send me those to info at leondustar dot com)

demonstration @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFIJuEtbHH0

* not afraid of midi
* a midiconnection (usb-2-midi-cable e.g.) from your computer (midi out) to your electribe esx (midi in)
* you need a VSTHOST which supports midivst. 

1) download the zip (and unzip it into your vstfolder if you want to use it with your DAW)

2) run an .exe file in windows. In linux run the '-linux'-files from the commandline. Or, start your VSTHOST, and launch the plugin (its called 'reaJS' or 'electribe-vstx-32/64')

3) the plugin pops up with the default program for electribe track 2 (press the 'Load' button to select other electribe parts)

4) make sure the plugin is outputting to your midicable (which is connected to your esx/emx)

5) have fun controlling/sequencing those sliders!

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Kong esxy pitch / beast
2 Promosing Standalone Windows applications 'KONG ESXY PITCH' and 'KONG ESXY BEAST'.
Still in beta, read the included pdf for details.

Please send feedback to primate_terra at hotmail.com or Simio Barcino on facebook.

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Smartnamer es1
The Korg Electribe ES-1 is a sampler/step-sequencer with build in effects. The ES-1 uses SmartMedia(tm) for saving and loading memory and loading samples. But the ES-1 only recognises samples wich are named 00.wav to 99.wav.
Renaming these samples for you: that's the main task of the 'Electribe ES-1 - SmartNamer'.
Korg Electribe ES1 - SmartNamer 0.8 beta
(C) Burpproductions 2001-2004, by Jan den Besten.
First: Using this program is at your own risk!
Although everything is done to make the 'SmartNamer' a safe tool to use, the author and copyright holder are not responsible for any damage or harm done by the 'SmartNamer'.

The 'Korg Electribe ES-1 Rhythm Production Sampler' uses SmartMedia cards to store memory-dumps and/or samples. This way you can store them into your computer or use samples made on your computer. The ES-1 however only recognises samples named 00.wav till 99.wav (or .aif but only the .wav format is used by the 'SmartNamer'). The core task of the 'SmartNamer' is to rename the samples, and to remember the original names. But it has more features for easy file exchange.

- Copying samples from your PC to SmartMedia while renaming them to 00.wav till 99.wav which the ES-1 recognises.
- Remembering the original sample names. (In the 'names.txt' file on SmartMedia).
- Copying and naming bank files (.es1) the same way as samples.
- Renaming and deleting samples and bankfiles.
- Audition samples when they are doubleclicked.

You may distribute this program freely as the original .zip file.
You can use this program for free and if you like it and want to express your thanks, just contact the author, maybe he likes to have a cd with your music...

You need the Visual Basic 6 Runtime files which you can find at several download sites and at microsoft.

Just unzip the file and start setup.exe

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